Please suggest any other troubleshooting methods that I might be missing here. It’s been serving me since 8 years without any issues. This item doesn’t belong on this page. But again, nvidia driver is required for my graphics card to provide full HD resolution for my monitor. Download the latest EasyTune6 software from the Gigabyte web page for your motherboard. Good stuff Works as expected.

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Ep45 ud3r system does manage to boot up correctly on 8 GB RAM displaying that memory is running in dual channel interleaved mode.

But the problem comes id3r after few weeks and system just refuse to post. Ep45 ud3r problem still persists. Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd. Hence the late reply.

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R review

I don’t get ep45 ud3r error popup. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Download ep45 ud3r latest EasyTune6 software from the Gigabyte web page for your motherboard. Ratings and Reviews Write ep45 ud3r review. I’d actually give up overclocking if it were proven to be detrimental and enjoy this motherboard for what it is – a sturdy piece.

The problem is that my motherboard boots up into windows with 4 or less GBs of RAM but it doesn’t post intermittently when full slots are occupied by 4 yd3r of RAM totaling 8 GB size.


Hopefully I didn’t have to go too high as ep45 ud3r a small bump in the voltage did the trick and my system became stable! Please let me know what’s the next step in troubleshooting. Hope I’ve provided enough information about my problems ep45 ud3r find the ideal solution. I purchased altogether new set of RAM but problem persisted. System boots up via each of the Ep45 ud3r module attached in either of the mobo slot individually.

But recently since 2 years, it has started developing RAM related display issues. I run my system at stock settings as I am not a gamer who require overclocking. Thank you ep45 ud3r giving me correct guidance!

But problem starts to happen when all RAM modules are attached and then system is booted up. I’ve also attached a text box explaining it so ep45 ud3r it will be helpful for whoever reads this post.

Having slots for Intel Core 2 multi-core processors is ep45 ud3r helpful feature, since more cores indicates greater multi-tasking power.

I am happy Here’s the screen shot of EasyTune 6 with changed voltages highlighted in red. Best Selling in Motherboards See ep45 ud3r. Did not even have a tenth of a volt of charge in it.


Designed in Ep45 ud3r, the solid capacitors within the motherboard promise a 50, hour lifespan, which is good news if you’re looking for a piece of hardware with significant longevity. It’s been serving me since 8 years without any issues.

GA-EPUD3R (rev. ) | Motherboard – GIGABYTE U.S.A.

Advert stated that mobo would “boot ep445 bios”. Should I just replace my mobo with a new one? Ep45 ud3r bought it a replacement for my UD3R, which got buggy over time.

So, I can’t do away with using my graphics card without nvidia drivers. You shouldn’t need to go higher than 1. Also, recently I’ve found ep45 ud3r by trial and error that if I disable nvidia driver in e45 manager, my graphic card off course would continue to work but nvidia driver crashes is somehow prevented! You’ll only need this other Mac for a few steps.

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